Caitlin Jenkins RCA

Ewenny Pottery

Image description

I carry with me an ancestry that has seen my family throwing pots in the small village of Ewenny for hundreds of years. I am the eighth generation potter of the Jenkins family.  From an early age, my father taught me to throw and time was spent practising the craft in the workshop at his side. I obtained a Ceramic degree from Cardiff and an MA from the RCA.

Throwing is an integral part of my work. I continue to be inspired by the sensuousness, soft qualities of round forms. Minoan and medieval pottery, traditional baskets and rural artefacts inform my idiosyncratic pots. I use a slipware surface technique of mono-printing with traditional slipware glazes, their reflective qualities similar to glass, water and precious stones adding a depth and fluidity.

My family has always had an affinity with agriculture/ farming, through drawing I explore the theme of connection and sense of place of the rural environment, landscape and traditions which reflect where I was raised and live today.